Dining Decor: A Table Made For Love

This month, and the next several, not only bring a lot of festivities that are fun to celebrate, but also ones that are fun to decorate. Decorate for what you might wonder? The holidays coming up of course. We’ve got Valentine’s Day this month, St. Patrick’s Day next month, followed by Easter then Mother’s Day.… Continue reading Dining Decor: A Table Made For Love


Dining Decor: Bountiful Blessings

This months dining decor inspiration came from the mere fact that this is November and we celebrate Thanksgiving.  But beyond just celebrating a holiday, this is a time we can join with our family and friends, enjoy a meal, and mostly each others company. That right there is reason enough to be thankful! But as… Continue reading Dining Decor: Bountiful Blessings


Weekend In Charleston: 5 Things You Must Do

Southern charm is a real thing, not just a Bravo TV show, and lots of it can be found in Charleston, South Carolina, which yes, is where the Bravo TV show is filmed. Guess they landed on that name for a good reason! The charm is in the old architecture, the cobblestone streets, the colorful… Continue reading Weekend In Charleston: 5 Things You Must Do