Behind the Wheel of the WienerMobile

Imagine hopping into your vehicle, ready to head to work, only to remember said vehicle is a giant hot dog. Well, Habanero Hayley and Ketchup Kyle do just that every day. They have the task of driving Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile around the country. They are what we call Hotdoggers. As you could imagine, having a… Continue reading Behind the Wheel of the WienerMobile


Best Dressed: Billboard Music Awards 2019

Showcasing music chart toppers isn’t the only thing the Billboard Music Awards is known for, they also showcase fashions chart toppers too. The show has always been a chance musics best to put their vocal chops on display as well as coolest fashion. The trends covered this year were all over the place…pant suits on… Continue reading Best Dressed: Billboard Music Awards 2019

Chicago · Food

Chicago’s Best “Feel Good Fast Food”

Let’s be honest, even people who eat cleaner, healthier diets majority of the time need “fast food” sometimes. (I’m raising my hand, as I am guilty of this!) It might be  that they are craving it, or that they are truly in a hurry and need food fast. One of the best parts of living… Continue reading Chicago’s Best “Feel Good Fast Food”

Chicago · Fashion

Statement Accessories: Graffiti Jewelry

Accessories…many people say they make the outfit. From shoes, to bags to jewelry, sometimes the pieces we add after we are dressed make the biggest statement. I think that statement is even better when it’s local, and not only benefits the wearer, but the maker too. I recently was introduced to a company called Rebel… Continue reading Statement Accessories: Graffiti Jewelry