Golden Globes 2018 – Best Dressed

To some it may have looked like a funeral, with everyone in black. But, for this special night in Hollywood, it was simply an awards show taking a stance. Well, I should say the women (and men!) attending were taking a stance. That’s right, pretty much everyone walking the carpet [still red of course] at… Continue reading Golden Globes 2018 – Best Dressed

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These Brown Boots Are Made For Walkin’

If there is one thing I know about boots, it’s that they make a winter outfit! Think about it…there are so many variations of boots. Tall ones, short ones, heeled ones, wedged ones, flat ones, black ones, brown ones, studded ones – okay, guessing you get the picture! But, come winter you can count on… Continue reading These Brown Boots Are Made For Walkin’