New Year, New You: Top 5 Virtual Workouts for 2021

As we start the new year many of you are making resolutions or setting intentions. One that always seems to top people’s lists, and creates lines for the treadmills at the gym, is better fitness and physical shape. It’s good for our bodies of course, but also great for our minds. Exercise is a stress… Continue reading New Year, New You: Top 5 Virtual Workouts for 2021


Happy New Year: The Best Blog Posts of 2020

Happy New Year! I hope as you read this you are looking forward to all that is to come in 2021. Like me, you are probably hoping it brings peace, health and safety for our world, and brings us out of the pandemic we are currently facing. Also like me, hopefully you are reflecting back… Continue reading Happy New Year: The Best Blog Posts of 2020


Winter Warmth: Cozy, Colorful & Commemorative

Here in the Midwest the sky is darker, the air is colder and the mood is cozier. It’s definitely winter. Time to bundle up in our thick coats, waterproof boots and do our best not to freeze. Winter warmth doesn’t mean drab duds though. Warm boots can be fashionable, cozy coats can be chic and… Continue reading Winter Warmth: Cozy, Colorful & Commemorative

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Gift Guide: Traveler’s Bucket List

If you or your loved ones are anything like me, one of the things you have missed most during this year of quarantine is travel. I miss exploring new places, being immersed in new cultures, trying new foods and activities and the simple joy of getting on an airplane, ready for adventure. As we head… Continue reading Gift Guide: Traveler’s Bucket List


Holiday Wreath DIY: Vintage Ornaments

Take the ghosts and the goblins down. Clear the cobwebs. Halloween is over and it’s time for Christmas. Some of you are already unpacking the tree, while others are saying “wait a minute, let’s make it to Thanksgiving first.” I normally fall into the latter category, but my holiday wreath is so lovely I can’t… Continue reading Holiday Wreath DIY: Vintage Ornaments