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The San Francisco Treat

Do you like my play on the Rice-A-Roni commercial there?! Since the Super Bowl took place yesterday just outside of San Francisco I thought I would share my top 5 for the city by the bay.

San Francisco, California, Sarah In Style, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco for work, which I felt lucky to do since it has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit. With an entire weekend to fill in between client meetings, I had plenty of time to make my way around the city. And let me tell you, I crammed in everything I possibly could. One of my closest friends flew in from Chicago to take in the city with me. Emily and I were the ultimate tourists. We were the ones riding the Big Bus, on the upper level, in the rain, wearing ponchos, taking pictures. But it was so much fun! So now, without further ado, here are my top 5 musts in San Fran…

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Superbowl, Big Bus

While it may be just a bridge, it is quite an impressive one. As you approach it those giant red towers appear through the fog and it really is breathtaking. Whether you drive over, or walk over (we did both!), the Golden Gate Bridge is a definite must see.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Superbowl, Big Bus

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Superbowl, Big Bus

2. Sausalito

If you are looking for a charming little town next to the water, with wonderful views of the city, great shopping and cute restaurants, Sausalito is it! Just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge is this little oasis. They have unique shops, a beautiful marina and very good food. My recommendation for a good meal with a good view is Scomas. You can see my fish tacos from there below!


Scomas, Sausalito, San Francisco, San Fran


marina, sausalito, san francisco

3. Alcatraz

Most of us have not seen the inside of a jail cell (thankfully!) and I think the best way to do it, and the one that helps you maintain your status as a law abiding citizen, is a tour of Alcatraz. Not only do you get a scenic boat cruise to the island, you also get a great audio tour of the actual prison, wonderful opportunities for some amazing pictures, a great history lesson, and one of the best views of San Francisco.

alcatraz, san francisco, city by the bay

alcatraz, san fran

san francisco, san fran, alcatraz

great view, san francisco, sarah in style

4. The Food

San Francisco really reminded my friend Emily and I of a mini New York City. If you know New York, you know the food options are endless, and the same seems true for San Francisco. We were pretty busy being tourists so didn’t eat a great deal of sit down meals, but whether we went to a nice restaurant or grabbed a quick bite at a diner, everything was excellent. Super Duper Burger in the Cow Hollow neighborhood is great for a milkshake and some fries. They also have yummy homemade pickles. (Side note, Cow Hollow is an adorable neighborhood with great shops!) Rose’s Cafe, also in Cow Hollow is great for brunch, and ideal on a warm day where you can sit outside. My food pictures below are from Rose’s! My favorite place that we ate, and possibly my favorite place in San Francisco would have to be the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. I love anything tropical or tiki themed and this place hit it out of the park! It’s in the Fairmont hotel and is their original pool that was converted to a tiki lounge in the 1940’s. It has a very classy, old Hollywood vibe, a live band that floats on a boat in the middle of the lounge, rainstorms and excellent food and drinks.

tonga room, san fran, sarah in style, tiki lounge

rose's cafe, sarah in style, cow hollow

rose's cafe, cow hollow, sarah in style

5. The Homes

San Francisco is known for a multitude of Victorian homes in the city, and they are so charming in person! It’s fun to see such elegant homes in so many vivid colors. The painted ladies (a row of colorful Victorians) is a famous landmark for just that. And of course there is the Full House home. Emily and I have been Full House fans basically since birth so we were beyond excited to see this particular home in person. It really is worth walking up and down hill after hill through different neighborhoods to see all of the gorgeous homes.

full house, fuller house, DJ Tanner, San fran, Sarah In Style

painted ladies, victorian homes, san francisco, sarah in style

san francsco, sarah in style



Some additional tips I have for travel in San Francisco…

  • The Big Bus is the best option for getting around the city. We did the 48 hour pass and were able to see every landmark we had our list. We still did a lot of walking (uphill!) but it was the main thing getting us from point A to point B.
  • The Super Shuttle is a great option to get into the city from the San Francisco airport. It costs about $20 versus a cab which would be roughly $50.
  • The Westin St. Francis is a great hotel to stay at. It is in a prime location making other locations easily accessible. And just steps outside your door you have an abundance of shops and restaurants.

If you haven’t been to San Francisco, I hope you get the chance to go, and that my recommendations will give you some ideas for things to do, places to eat and landmarks to see. If you have been, what are some of your favorites? I would love to know for my next trip.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style

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  1. Hello, my beautiful and very talented, niece. What a beautiful and wonderful job you have done on your blog! I enjoy checking it out when I am on Facebook. I know your mom and dad are extremely proud of you and so am I. I truly hope it is very successful for you and I sure enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pictures you are posting. Safe travels!! 🙂

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