Spring Break Style

If you are not on spring break right now, you are either just getting back, going soon or daydreaming about where you would go. For those of us in parts of the country that get freezing temps and a lack of sunshine for many months in the winter, spring break is a time of respite but also a time of hope – hope that when you return home spring will be knocking on the door in your town! Hope for the days we start to hear the birds chirping, the sun (when it chooses to shine) stays out longer, and the flower buds start to sprout. It’s like a rebirth, and with that comes a rebirth of fashion. Whether it’s spring break packing you are worrying about, or just planning for the warm weather months we all can expect soon, I am giving you a little inspiration in the colorful fashion department. That’s right – as spring approaches, I put away the dark hues and pull out the prettiest pops of color. I always say, fashion sets your mood, so if you want to feel happy, light and refreshed, dress the part.

Colorful Skort Dress for Spring Break

Colorful Skort Dress for Spring Break

Colorful Skort Dress for Spring Break

 Following up on my post earlier this week, this is just another versatile option when it comes to spring fashion, and even more so a super simple spring break style. If you are anything like me, you struggle to pack for vacation because you want to take everything. Especially in a world where right now so many of us work from home and don’t get to don our finest very often, vacation is an excuse to go all out. You know, wear what we don’t get to often, accessorize in fun ways, and put on actual shoes!

Wearing Lilly Pulitzer in Seaside Florida

What I love about a look like this is that it’s just so easy to wear in many ways. I can take this from day to night, and on vacation that helps me stretch my wardrobe farther. I could wear this to brunch, on a sightseeing tour, shopping, to church, or even a nice dinner followed by dancing. It’s all about what you pair it with. That’s really the fun of fashion! (Being a something that is comfortable in all of these scenarios is an added bonus!) As you pack for vacation, think of it like a game and each piece you want to add to the suitcase, just look at it and decide how many ways can that piece be incorporated into your overall spring break style.

Packing Tips to Look Cute and Comfy on Spring Break 2023

Packing Tips to Look Cute and Comfy on Spring Break 2023

Packing Tips to Look Cute and Comfy on Spring Break 2023

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer    Sunglasses: Maui Jim   Shoes: from Spain   Hat: Sun n’ Sand   Colorful Homes: Seaside, FL

Signed with Style,

sarah in style,



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