Best Dressed: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2023

We all know that after the party comes the after party! In Hollywood, that doesn’t mean tossing the elegant gown aside for a comfy casuals and sneakers. On Oscar night, it means even more glamorous, wow-worthy moments at the Vanit Fair party. It’s a celebratory event for the movie makers and the who’s who in… Continue reading Best Dressed: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2023


Best Dressed: American Music Awards 2022

I have to give kudos to whoever put on the American Music Awards (AMAs) this year because it was so refreshing to see the focus back on music. The performances were fun, light hearted and true talent was showcased, in place of a bunch of scantily clad people twerking, which is was music awards shows… Continue reading Best Dressed: American Music Awards 2022


Best Dressed: 2022 Emmy Awards

Television has meant more to everyone over the past couple pandemic years than it has, well, maybe ever. We truly were able to lose ourselves in the lives of others, just by watching them onscreen. With the main networks, endless cable channels and now streaming galore, there is truly a show for everyone – just… Continue reading Best Dressed: 2022 Emmy Awards