People’s Choice Awards 2016

The entertainment industry may call it awards season, but I call it fashion heaven, and it is upon us! At the start of every new year I get so excited for all the upcoming awards shows, mainly for the red carpet and the style, style, style. I watch the shows…many times in a “slow” fast forward, because let’s be honest, the speeches don’t matter, the clothes do. It’s fun to see what all the stylists come up with and the trends for the year. Here are my top 5 from the 2016 People’s Choice Awards.

Maggie Lawson
Maggie Lawson



Renee Bargh
Renee Bargh in Self Portrait


Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough in KAUFMANFRANCO


Shelley Hennig
Shelley Hennig in Gomez-Garcia


Troian Bellisario
Troian Bellisario in Catterina Gatta


Signed with Style,


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