Wreath Round-Up

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that spring is on it’s way to Chicago! A rise in temperatures always spurs the rise in my desire to spruce up my place. One easy way to do that, a very simple way, is to hang a wreath on your front door. Not only is it a welcoming thing for guests to see when visiting, but it can bring a smile to your face every day as you walk into your home. Wreaths are not limited to houses; I live in an apartment building in Chicago and still use one….well a few actually, changing them out for the seasons. And remember, wreaths these days are not the “old-lady” ones you may be envisioning. They can still be floral if you prefer, but there a wide variety of options to pick from not in the floral family. I thought I would share some fun spring wreath ideas with all of you. Maybe it’s time to swap yours out for the new season, or time to get your first one. Whatever you decide on, I hope it brings just a little bit of cheer to your home. (Click on the wreaths below if you want to see more information about them.)

wreath, monogram, front door, spring, home, sarah in style, wreaths, DIY
Monogram Wreath – Simple & Elegant
wreath, sarah in style, DIY, front door
Bouquet Wreath – Colorful & Stunning


wreaths, wreath, greens, sarah in style,
Square Wreath – Unique & Contemporary


wreaths, wreath, sarah in style, burlap, monogram
Burlap Wreath – Sweet & Shabby Chic


floral wreath, wreath, sarah in style, spring wreath
Floral Wreath – Classic & Beautiful


wreaths, easter, pop of color,
Bubble Wreath – Whimsical & Modern


These wreaths can be purchased certainly, but it might be fun to test out your DIY skills and make your own. I made a summer wreath last year out of colorful cocktail umbrellas and it was such a fun and easy project. Plus, it makes me like that particular wreath even more, knowing the work I put into it. Stores like Micheal’s and Joann’s should have all the supplies you need. If you’re not feeling crafty, you can find lots and lots of wreaths out there. Browse around and find the one that calls your name.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style

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