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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: GIRL ON THE GO

We all know a Girl On The Go – whether she is traveling from place to place across the country or the globe, or just bopping from party to party in her hometown. This girl usually needs practical pieces in her life, that will make her “go go go” pace a little easier. But, she also wants to enjoy the finer things in life. Look no further, here are the perfect gifts for your Girl On The Go.

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  1. Watch  – Wolfpoint Grace Horween: Every Girl On The Go needs to know when to make her entrances and exits. Instead of relying on her phone for the time, why not give her a beautiful watch that will not only be a statement piece to any outfit, but will make it faster and more subtle to check the time. Whether she needs to catch a flight, get to a meeting or head to her next party, this watch will help her in style!
  2. PurseKate Spade Make It Mine Byrdie: I purchased this bag back in September and basically have not stopped using it yet. The line includes 3 different style of bags, all of which can be completely revamped with just a simple unsnap of the flap and replacing it with a new one, to fit your mood. I have 4 flaps for mine so far, and they are perfect! I have found the Byrdie bag particularly perfect because it’s good for day to night use, and even more perfect for all my travels. I can dress it down or up, use it as a cross-body or a handbag, and the size is perfect – it fits my wallet, sunglasses, camera and other essentials.
  3. BookThe Best Hits on Route 66: A lot of Girls On The Go are literally going all over the country. Whether they travel for work or play, they are busy planning their next adventure. And one adventure all people should get a chance to take is a road trip across historic Route 66. Since it can be quite a journey, especially if you take it all the way from Chicago to California, your Girl On The Go will probably need some help in planning her trip. This book is perfect for just that! It has great ideas on what to see and do along the way and even includes trip itineraries. Even if your Girl On The Go doesn’t actually have a Route 66 road trip planned for the near future, the pictures in this book will inspire one – one that will be filled with fun, nostalgia and endless adventure.
  4. MittensUGG: I asked for leather mittens for Christmas myself this year! Hopefully Santa knows I have been good. I know mittens are sometimes quite juvenile looking, but they truly do keep your hands warmer than gloves. Not separating your fingers and keeping body heat together makes a world of difference. If your Girl On The Go lives in a cold place like I do, she will appreciate these – trust me.
  5.  Necklace: Blush & Bar: Oftentimes is a Girl On The Go is a fashionista too, who likes to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes though, for ease of moving from one place or event to the next, she needs simplicity. But, she still wants to look her best. The jewelry from Blush Bar is perfect for those needs. It’s simple, easy to travel with and still makes an elegant statement. Simple necklaces are something I cannot get enough of lately, because they go with everything, and I am sure your Girl On The Go will feel the same with this one!

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer

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