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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Beauty Babes

Beauty Babes can be hard to shop for, especially if you know nothing about the beauty world. It’s okay, a lot of us are guilty of that! But, I am here to help. In this gift guide you will find timeless beauty gifts your babe is bound to love. They will make her feel beautiful and glowing and none of them will leave you wondering how you will afford your next meal.

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  1. Nail PolishSally Hansen: Warm, rich colors are all the rage on nails this season. They are elegant, sleek and the perfect compliment to all of your Beauty Babes holiday ensembles. Sally Hansen has an endless range of colors, many that will help get you RED-y for Christmas, and right now two of my favorites are Beet, Pray, Love and Spice Age. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they fall under the Miracle Gel line, which has won rave reviews, and even beauty awards from Allure magazine. It’s a long lasting line, which is also chip-proof and requires no UV lights to help set.
  2. LotionJergens Brilliance: This lotion will leave your Beauty Babe glowing, and it won’t break your bank. It goes on smoothly and creates a very subtle sheen, that helps skin of all shades glow, which we all need in the winter months. From a trusted name brand you can guarantee this new lotion will give skin a lot of nourishment like it’s well known predecessors. Any Beauty Babe is going to be proud to flaunt a little shimmer and shine to her holidays and now it’s as easy as a simple swipe of lotion.
  3. SkincareTizo Photoceutical System: This line will revitalize any Beauty Babe’s skin. TIZO Photoceuticals® are specifically designed to help repair, protect and revitalize environmentally distressed and photo-damaged skin. (Did you know blue light from our tech devices hurts our skin? Well, it does.) TIZO Photoceuticals address skin’s tone and texture while simultaneously aiding in the prevention of future photo-damage.
  4. Eye ShadowYBF Liquid Star: I have been looking for years for an eye shadow with a creamy consistency, a subtle shimmer and easily transitions from day to night looks. Thankfully this one landed in my lap – well my mailbox to be more specific. And it’s exactly what I have been looking for. It goes on smoothly, lasts all day and is perfect by itself or just as striking when made to look smoky for the evening. What’s even better is that it comes in 8 shades, 4 in Volume I and 4 in Volume II. Your Beauty Babe will be covered, no matter what look they fancy.
  5. LipcolorSoft Surroundings & Winky Lux: This Jane Iredale lipstick has been a game changer for me! While I love the look that a little color on your lips gives your whole face – let’s be honest, it makes you look more alive – I don’t love the clumpy, caked-on look that most lipsticks give. This is one that I would call a lip color, or tint. It looks subtle in the tube, but when applied to lips takes on a natural look that complements your own lip color. It goes on smooth and stays on smooth. If your Beauty Babe might want the same effect but with a little more shimmer and shine, the Winky Lux Disco gloss will be perfect. It also takes on the natural coloring of your lip, but gives a subtle glow too. Both brands carry mini version too, which are great for Beauty Babes on the go.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer

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