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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – For Your Favorite Traveler

Less than two weeks left until Christmas. Hopefully you are not in panic mode getting your gifts. Whether or not you are, I am here to help with some last minute finds for your favorite traveler. (And if you missed it, see my recommendations for your favorite gal here.)

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Hidden Camera Detector: We have all heard the horror stories of people finding cameras in their rental properties or hotels, unaware of someone filming them when they thought they had complete privacy. It’s wrong on all accounts, but sadly does happen. You can help keep your favorite traveler safe, and out of any wrong-doers eyes, or cameras, with the Scout Hidden Camera Detector from SPYGUY. It’s a compact scanner that easily fits in any size luggage, that can be used to scan a hotel or rental property for hidden cameras. Better safe than sorry!

Frozen Alaskan Fish: You are probably wondering, “why would I send my traveler frozen fish, they will probably go to Alaska and enjoy it there?” Well, as someone who travels a lot, I can tell you, the best thing is coming home knowing you don’t have to go to the grocery, but will still be able to cook yourself a fresh, healthy meal. Sitka Salmon helps with that! A gift of frozen fish is the gift that keeps on giving. Your traveler can rest assured that fresh food is in the freezer when they arrive home, saving them both time and money and allowing them to unwind and relax after their trip. This is one time I would say the age old saying is wrong –  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Not in this case, just give the man the (delicious) fish and let him (or her) enjoy!

Headphones: Whether your favorite traveler loves TV, movies or music, they will need a good pair of headphones to enjoy them from. I prefer the SONY Studio Series (wired headphones), which fold up compactly and are extremely lightweight. They don’t completely cancel all noise, but they block out most, allowing easy audibility of announcements as well as the audio of whatever your traveler is listening to. Plus, they are sleek and stylish to boot.

CBD Oil Remedies: Any traveler, especially one who flies a lot, will tell you that their skin has suffered at one point or another. The air is dry on planes, and can vary greatly from our norm, in hotel rooms and rental properties too. Why not offer their skin a little pick-me-up, that can also help with relaxation and any travel tension. The CBD line from Physicians Grade can do just that! Personally, I have found great benefits from CBD oil for my tense muscles, and it’s now something I carry with me on all of my travels. It’s a great form of rejuvenation.

Pretty Pink Pout: This one may only be for the women travelers in your life, and even though it’s small and compact, it will make a big impact. To get the prettiest pink pout, that feels moisturized and looks impeccably natural, Jane Iredale is a must. I have been using the Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink (from Soft Surroundings) for years, and just love it. It builds color based on your skin tone/type, so will look different, yet natural on everyone. It goes on smooth, is long lasting and helps prevent chapping and dryness. The perfect little stocking stuffer!

Camera: One of the best parts of travel is the memories one makes during a trip. The best way to hold onto those memories is with photographs. Yes, we almost all have phones with cameras now, but to take the best photos you possibly can, with options to zoom quite a distance in and out, a point and shoot digital camera is a great way to go. It’s less bulky than a DSLR (by a lot), and nowadays can take equally as impressive photos. I have a Nikon COOLPIX and I love it, so I highly recommend that brand. (If your favorite traveler is often on a solo adventure, but may want photos with themselves in it, make sure you look for a camera that is remote capable.)

Travel Blanket: If your favorite traveler flies a lot and needs to catch some zzz’s aboard the plane, you can make them as comfy and cozy as possible with a slim, yet plush blanket. It easily folds into itself making it easy to put inside luggage, and also acts a neck pillow or lumbar support if needed.

Stylish Backpack: I travel weekly for work, and for years have lugged around a big bag full of all my travel necessities. Lugging the bag through the airport is bad enough, but then lugging it around my destination really is the straw that breaks the camels back – well, my back in this case. The best resolution, a stylish backpack! A backpack allows for you to easily distribute the weight across your body, making transit more comfortable, and healthier too. Thankfully options for good looking backpacks are endless today. I recommend Target, who offers many styles in many colors, at great prices.

I hope your shopping is easy breezy in part to my holiday gift guides, and your favorites, whomever they may be, love the wonderful treats you give them.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer, SarahInStyle, blogger

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