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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For Your Favorite Gal

It’s hard to believe it’s holiday time already! It seems as though Thanksgiving came up quickly, and being later in the year, has made Christmas sneak up on us. With less than 3 weeks left for holiday shopping, I am here to help with my holiday gift guides. Today, I’m giving you unique ideas for your favorite gal. Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, best friend, daughter or colleague, these ideas will make any woman happy!

Before you do all of your shopping and wrapping, make sure you stock up on the best tools of the trade to make your gifts the most magical looking they can be. That means gorgeous wrapping paper and beautiful bows. My favorite stop for paper is the Container Store, as they options for any color scheme you may have in your home, and patterns ranging from frilly to funky. To top of your pretty packages, you will need a bow. If you are anything like me you struggle with making full and fluffy bows. You are in luck though! All you need is the Bowdabra, which is a tool that makes building a bow easy as 1, 2, 3. You can tell that anyone can make bows with Bowdabra, me included, by watching my stories on Instagram today!

Without further ado, here is my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for your Favorite Gal.

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1. Cooking for a Beautiful Woman: Your favorite gal is of course beautiful in your eyes, and this book will show them just how much you mean that. Not only will they feel loved, they will get to experience another love, that between author and chef Larry and his wife, his mother, his sisters and more. Each chapter is dedicated to a beautiful woman in Larry’s life, and features delicious recipes. It’s a wonderful combination of novel and cookbooks, with a heartwarming touch – perfect for the holidays!

2. Skin Research Laboratories Neu Line: Ask any and all gals in your life what one indulgence is that they don’t often treat themselves too is and you’re likely to hear “skincare.” We read about products that will make us feel our best all the time, but we don’t often run right out and buy them. It’s something considered indulgent and not always a necessity, which makes it the perfect gift for your favorite gal. I recommend the Complexion Kit, which includes a reusable dry mask that will make any face feel silky smooth.

3. Pastel Pink Sweatsuit: Always a beautiful color in my eyes, soft pink has a sweet and subtle tone, but looks very cozy and rich at the same time. It’s even paint company Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, titled First Light. If you aren’t able to paint a pink room for your favorite gal, you can start with a cute sweater or a comfy cozy sweatsuit, like this one from Kittenish. (P.S. You will likely find many more things for your favorite gal from this line from Jesse James Decker. Everything is so darn cute!) It’s a color any girl, from 1 – 100 will love unwrapping this year.

4. Remove & Chill Nail Polish Remover: Instead of getting your favorite gal another polish they probably don’t need, get them something better to remove nail polish in between paintings. Remove & Chill is an easy to use cream you simply put on the nail and leave (1 minute for each layer of polish), then wipe away with a cotton pad and go on with your day. It makes a great stocking stuffer!

5. Cute & Comfy Shoes: If your favorite gal loves shoes, she is a girl after my own heart. I have what some might call a “problem” when it comes to shoes. Basically I love them, any and all of them! One of my favorite brands for shoes, which is saying a lot considering how many I own, is Vionic. They are one of the most comfortable shoes, but still incredibly fashionable. Any style you may choose with make your favorite gal very happy, and will make her feet feel like they are walking on cloud 9.

6. Custom Stationary: A gift that takes a little time, but is custom and comes from the heart is bound to be a winner in the eyes of your favorite gal. Stationary might not be something she is expecting, but it’s something that she will treasure. Through Basic Invite, you can personalize it down to every last color. It’s not something most women would seek out and buy for themselves, but they will appreciate it, and it will make correspondence with family and friends, or even simple to-do lists much more fun.

Stay tuned for my travelers gift guide coming later this week – and happy shopping!

Signed with Style,

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