Making Celebrity Morning Routines our Own

As we wrap up another great awards season, acknowledging so many fabulous movies and TV shows, great music and gorgeous red carpet fashions, I thought it might be fun to share with you how some of our favorite celebs start their days. We read phrase “stars are just like us” in magazines a lot. Now in many ways, we know that’s just not true. There are many things, luxuries we might say, that celebrities have access to, to make their lives better, that the average person doesn’t. However, there are a lot of “normal” things they do too. Some of those we can adapt, working them into our own morning routines, making a healthier and happy life. Who knows, it may just make us shine as brightly as they do!

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For more information on how these routines are backed by science, and the amazing benefits they can have on our minds and bodies, check out Fragrance X’s article here.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer, SarahInStyle, blogger

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