The Look of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love. The true meaning of love is different for all, as is the celebration of this special day. Maybe it’s a love shared between a couple, maybe with your family or friends, maybe it’s just love for something special in your life. Today, and everyday if you can, think about the little things in life that you love and make you feel loved. What gives you the look of love, what causes you to have real life heart eyes?

Valentine's Day Pink Dress

Alys Beach Pink House

Pink dress with a bow tie back and heart glasses

Fashion is something I love. Clothing is special to me and when I am shopping, it “calls to me,” so to speak. This means I really only buy the pieces I truly love. Not only is this good for part 1, the shopping trip. It’s good for part 2, the everyday wear. When I put on clothing it’s like a hug, it brings me happiness, fills me with the love I had with it when I bought it (or received it) and gives me those real life heart eyes…and sometimes cute pink ones too!

Pink Dress with Pink Sunglasses in front of Pink House

Alys Beach Homes

Perfect Dresses for Valentine's Day or Spring

Another simple pleasure that fills me with love is coming across a pink building. There is just something whimsical about them that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Whether it’s just the shutters or the front door, the whole house or even the largest hotel, when it’s pink my heart is happy. (I’m pretty happy with pops of blue and green too, as you can tell.) When the two worlds collide, and the outfit and the architecture pair perfectly, well that’s just true love! {You can see more of my favorite pink palaces, here.}Pink and white checkered bow dress

Pink Florida Homes

Pink Dress with Bows and Hearts

Dress: LJC Designs  Sandals: Bob Baker   Sunglasses: Cabana Seaside   Purse: Eric Javits   Photoshoot Location: Alys Beach, Florida

Signed with Style,

sarah in style,


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