Pretty in Pastel: The Purple Power Suit

One of springs biggest trends for 2022 is pastels. They are extending beyond Easter decor and into our closets. Almost everywhere you look, from clothing stores to fashion magazines, you’ll see different shades of pretty pastels in all different silhouettes. These colors feel a little nostalgic, reminiscent of the 80’s or 90’s, but hey, those are trending again too. I love color, and have always been drawn to pastels, so I am loving this resurgence in soft, ladylike looks.

Purple power suit

purple power suit

purple power suit

What makes pastels fun right now is that they are not limited to girly dresses, frilly bows, or lacey looks. Pastels for spring 2022 are being used in bold, powerful ways – like my purple power suit. Strong looks don’t have to be drab. When done in daintier colors, they still hold their sense of strength, but have a fresh, modern edge to them. A suit in a beautiful pastel color will evoke happiness on the streets, while still evoking power in the boardroom.

colorful womens suits

colorful womens suits

colorful womens suits

When incorporating pastels into your wardrobe, a suit is a great way to go as it gives you many options for styling. You can wear it as a full suit, or you can pair the trousers or jacket with other pieces and create entirely different looks. A pastel jacket would pair well with light colored or white jeans, and even black pants (if all over color is too much for you). Pastel trousers would look great with a chunky grey sweater, a white bodysuit or even a denim jacket.

2022 spring fashion trends

2022 spring fashion trendsPretty in Pastels

2022 Spring Fashion Trendss

The options are endless when it comes to suits, and when you find one in a pretty pastel, you’ll find that a suit doesn’t have to be stuffy. It can make you happy and help you stand out all at once – feeling pretty in pastel, and powerful in purple!

Suit: Zara (Jacket + Pants)   Shirt: J. Crew   Shoes: Nine West   Sunglasses: Similar Here   Purse: Kate Spade

Signed with Style,

sarah in style,

2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pastel: The Purple Power Suit

  1. Great job, my beautiful niece! What a great idea of sharing historical Curwood Castle and the Shiawassee Arts bldg on the river from Owosso, Michigan. I know you did this on Easter Day! Very cool!!💕


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