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Come & Knock On My Door: 30A

When I travel, I love to see where the locals live. I thoroughly enjoy just driving or walking around and looking at homes in the places I am visiting! It’s a free thing to do, a great way to explore a new area and an opportunity to get inspiration for your own home. In my series, Come & Knock On My Door, (cue the Three’s Company theme song) I have shown you the local (home) lifestyle in many places already, and today I take you to a ittle slice of heaven on the Emerald Coast, 30A.

If you have not heard of 30A, it’s a destination worth knowing about. Situated in Florida’s panhandle between Destin and Panama City. 30A is techincally a road, but it’s ultimately a lifestyle. The road meanders roughly 30 miles along the Gulf Coast, amidst adorable towns and neighborhoods that celebrate small town beach life. Each little town has it’s own distinct feel – it’s own aestetich and vibe. There is a lot of great shopping and dining along the way, as well as increible views and even more incredible homes.

Today, we are taking a ride down 30A and seeing the lovely homes along the way. I am sharing a few favorites from each town/neighborhood, and sharing a little about those towns too. I hope you enjoy the views, and the beautiful front doors just waiting for a knock!

30A Maps


The homes here are classic southern colors with lots of southern charm, like shutters, oil lamps and lots of rocking chairs. You can stay in Watercolor through a home rental, or on the beach at the Watercolor Inn. I recommend a drink with a view at Fish Out of Water.

Watercolor 30A Homes

Watercolor Homes on 30A

Watercolor Homes on 30A


Probably the most well known of the towns along 30A (it is the oldest community and was featured in the movie, The Truman Show), this neighborhood is a color lovers dream. Bright, bold homes in every color under the rainbow, and most have equally as bright and bold front doors and shutters. It’s just a happy vibe when you’re in Seaside. While here, I recommend eating at Bud & Alley’s and shopping at Cabana by the Seaside.

Seaside FL homes and architecture

Seaside 30A Homes

Seaside 30A Homes

Seaside FL 30A Homes

Seaside 30A Home rentals


This neighborhood seems to be the largest growing along 30A at the moment. They have Watersound Beach, Watersound Origins and Camp Creek at Watersound Club. The homes are colorful, but in a subdued, pastel palette. It’s a charming community, with great golfing!

Watersound 30A Homes

Watersound 30A Homes

Watersound 30A homes

Watersound 30A Homes

Alys Beach:

While all the towns along 30A have their own vibe, and make you feel transported to a new place, Alys Beach truly carries you away to a far off land. It’s like stepping into the Greek isles, right in the middle of Florida. While the palette selection is simple (mostly white, with pops of color), the architecture is not. The palm-tree lined streets welcome you to town like a tropical hug! After your home tour, I recommend a delicious meal at The Citizen or a healthy treat and lounge on the patio at Raw & Juicy.

Alys Beach Homes

Alys Beach Architecture

Alys Beach Architecture

Alys Beach Home rentals

Alys Beach 30A homes

Alys Beach 30A Homes

Rosemary Beach:

Rosemary Beach has a darker, more Italian mediterranean feel. It’s elegant and casual all at once. I think the architecure varies the most in this 30A commnunity, but ties together in the colore palette, and yet again with the fun pops of color. One of the best things about southern homes, in my opinion – the fun colors! I’d recommend visiting Rosemary Beach on a farmer’s market day – so many local goodies and buzzing energy.

Rosemary Beach 30A

Rosemary Beach Farmer's Market

Rosemary Beach 30A

Rosemary Beach 30A

See the history of 30A here and check out my guide for A Day Along 30A.

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