Holiday Gift Guide: Practical Parcels

In the blink of an eye 2022 is nearing an end and the holidays are very quickly approaching. If you are shopping for people over the age of 15, you might run into the same issues I do, of not knowing what to get them. Often times, adults just buy what they need and want, when they need it or want it. So, when the holidays roll around they are at a loss for what they might want to ask for. Adults also don’t always feel worthy of having a wish list. Well, practical parcels are the way to go! As the gifter, you can get your giftee something they will love, something they might not expect and something that will be useable for a long while. The nice thing about a practical gift is that it will bring a smile to someone’s face when they open it and whenever they use it. Here are some great options for practical parcels for all genders and ages. They’re all budget friendly too. Happy shopping!

practical holiday gift guide

Fab Slabs: A dual purpose and beautiful cutting and charcuterie board will match the decor of anyone on your gifting list. It has practical uses and can also be used as a beautiful decoration in any space. Excellent for people who love to host gatherings.

Heat Holders: If you have someone on your gifting list who lives in a cold climate or will be visiting one, they will love anything you get them from Heat Holders. Their wool socks, mittens and much more are truly the coziest and they really do keep hands and feet warm. A great gift for a cozy lounger, a skiier or an outdoor adventurer.

Owala Water Bottle: At this point in time, almost all people understand the negatives of plastic throw away water bottles – they are bad for the environment, toxic for our health and expensive over time. A good re-usable bottle is something everyone needs. While it might not seem like the most exciting of gifts, when the bottles come in funky, spunky colors, they are bound to make anyone on your list happy!

Sunglasses: A great stocking stuffer for any fashionista, who likely would agree, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Afterall a girl (or a guy) has to have options! I love sunnies from Foster Grant and Kaenon, as they are very well priced, and have great frames and fun lenses for every style.

Zulay Frother: I recently bought one of these gadgets for myself and because it was low in cost, I expected it to be low in power. It is not! It works perfectly to froth milk for tea and coffee and heavy cream for whipped cream. It comes with an option to register the product and when you do, you get receipes as well. With a stand included, it can easily sit on the counter for easy access. Plus, the frother comes in every color under the rainbow. The perfect stocking stuffer for your latte enthusiasts.

Signed with Style,

sarah in style,

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