Dining Decor: A Festive Feast

One thing that defines the holidays for so many of us is the decorations. From the lights and garlands outside, to the Christmas trees and ornaments inside, it’s a season of excessive adornment, in the best way possible! If only real life mimicked the movies, where holiday decor is on every door and window frame, in every room of the house, it’d be just magical. Maybe some of you are dedicated enough to do that, but most of us keep it contained to a few key places in and around our homes. One area that’s super easy (and can be cheap) to decorate in excess is the dining table. At Christmas you can set your table for a festive feast, but you can also get away with leaving the extravagant decor up day and night. Just make it an extension of the rest of the decorations.

Chirstmas tablescape ideas

Christmas table decorating tips

I love dining decor that blends well with whatever else is going on in the room. Nothing has to be matchy-matchy though, and complimentary styles are ideal. During the holidays I think coziness is something to strive for with your decorations, since that is how they feel in general – like being engulfed in a big, warm hug. A dining table that sets the mood for the meal is key, and if you want your dinner guests to feel that holiday hug, set your table to match.

How to set a table for Christmas dinner

The holidays are the perfect time of year to use pieces to decorate your table that have a lot of meaning to you. That could be heirloom dishware or china (mine is from 1920’s), vintage ornaments as centerpieces, old Christmas photos for place cards, candles in scents that evoke memories, etc. You can also use it as a time to start new traditions, maybe adding an ornament to each place setting that would special to that person. This time of year, it’s also fun to get crafty and creative. I actually used an old shower curtain for my tablecloth (washed many times over, don’t worry). Go big, go bold and make it as festive as fits your space, and your mood. Happy holiday feasting!

Simple steps for a holiday tablescape

Simple steps for a holiday tablescape

For more dining decor inspiration, check out these holiday tablescapes – A Happy Holiday Table, New Year New Table. And see all of my dining decor posts here.

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Simple steps to set a beautiful holiday table

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