Eat Free. BFree

If you have thought about living free, without having to compromise on the flavor or quality of your food, yet you have specific dietary restrictions, you’re basically ME! But also, you’re not out of luck and your options are growing by the day. I’m gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and have to watch my sugar intake, and that can be enough to make living free seem impossible. I am sure many of you are in the same boat, if not working with an even longer list of issues you face. The way the world produces food now has impacted how we digest it, limiting what a lot of us can eat (aka what we can tolerate). But for those of us struggling to find the alternatives we need for the foods we love, there is hope.

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If you really want to live and eat free, all you need is BFree. A brand that prides themselves on making products (bread products!) that are created with carefully chosen, wholesome, free-from (like gluten, dairy, nuts, etc.) ingredients. I have shared some yummy ideas with you before in regards to BFree products, but they have a new one I am loving that you need to know about!

If you’ve been gluten free for a while, like I have, you’ve likely missed having wraps – you know, the ones that actually taste like a wrap and don’t break the minute you try to make them do their job, and wrap them around food. Well, BFree just came out with one you will love! It’s called a Sweet Wrap and is in their kids line. (They do have other flavors, in the regular line as well.) They’re loaded with antioxidants and are good for the digestive system. Best of all, they taste great! They have a subtle sweetness, but are paired perfectly with almost any food you wish. I like to have them with almond butter or goat cheese as a snack. (Warm the wrap first for even more ooey gooey goodness.) For breakfast, filled with eggs and avocado. For dinner, as a shell for chicken fajitas. They stay pliable and fresh, which is rare in the gluten free world. They taste good, are good for you, and make mealtime (for kids and adults) easy. (Check out my Instagram stories for more.)

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With everything going on in our world right now (shout out – not in a good way – to coronavirus), we need a little sweetness in our life! We also need to stay healthy, which starts with what we put into our bodies. BFree makes that easy.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer, SarahInStyle, blogger

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