Winter White

I’m not sure who said it, or when exactly it was said, but the old adage “you can’t wear white after labor day” has always been far from true in my eyes. I’m curious how this conclusion was made in the first place? White isn’t a “summer” color necessarily. It’s actually the most neutral color out there. Plus, there are a number of reasons why you might choose to wear white after Labor Day. Maybe you live in a warm climate and it simply acts as the perfect base for any pop of color you’ll use to make up the rest of your outfit. Or, maybe like me, you live in a place that sees a full four seasons, including lots of snow in winter.

A fashion blogger shows that white can be worn after labor day

Sarah In Style fashion blog shares style tips

Kate Spade heart purse

Warm up the winter white and go with cream or off-white. What’s more beautiful than a creamy white ensemble in the midst of the snow? To me it exhibits warmth and luxury, a la ski resort vibes. Your winter white look doesn’t have to include bright, bleached whites you might wear on a sunny July day. It can be richer and warmer and complement the season, and the snowy surroundings.

Fashion blogger shows how to wear white in winter

Creamy winter white ensemble

Blending whites to wear in winter

If white in winter scares you, remember you don’t have to go head-to-toe white. You can put together a monochromatic ensemble, that doesn’t have to be stark white and cold, it can actually be very warm. For example, with my look I mixed cream trousers with a soft, gold silk top and a classic khaki colored wool trench coat. I accessorized with be-jeweled cream gloves and a headband, nude patent leather oxford shoes and a pop of color with a funky jewel toned purse (the heart makes this winter white look perfect for Valentine’s Day too). It’s a simple look, but timeless. I could wear this outfit almost anywhere this time of year and make it work. With some simple layering (or layer removing) it’s obvious that winter white is an ideal option for travel too, since it’s so easy to build a wardrobe around it.

Winter White outfit that's chic and timeless

Fashion blogger mixes cream, gold and khaki for classic winter look

Blogger detailing how to wear white in winter

You can typically find a lesson in anything, even in fashion. Today’s lesson is simple: don’t let someone else dictate what is deemed acceptable, especially an old adage. You can wear white after Labor Day. Long after it, in fact. I can guarantee you, winter white is here to stay!

Fashionista shows the perfect winter white outfit

Fashionista shows perfect winter white outfit

Wearing white in winter

Jacket: Larry Levine (similar here)   Shirt: Banana Republic (similar here)   Trousers: The Limited (similar here)   Shoes: Zara (similar here)   Gloves/Headband: Kate Spade (similar here)   Purse: Kate Spade   Sunglasses: Similar Here

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Save this post for future winter white fashion inspo:

Winter White outfit that's chic and timeless

Winter White outfit that's chic and timeless

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