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If you know me, you know my favorite place in the world is Los Angeles! I know what they say, well at least what my dad says, “It’s the land of fruits and nuts.” Well call me a fruit, or a nut, whatever you prefer, but I love it. I don’t know what it is…the sunny sky, the ocean water, the hubbub of Hollywood, the palm trees, it just has my heart. So in honor of my trip to ‘NoCal’ (San Francisco) this past weekend, I thought I would share some love from a ‘SoCal’ visit a few months back. (More to come on San Francisco soon!)

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

All of the photos here were taken at Pasadena City Hall. Thank you to my lovely LA livin’ sister who played photographer for me. She’s pretty darn good right?! (Outfit Details  –  Shoes: Express   Skirt:Topshop    Purse:Kate Spade)

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

Los Angeles; Sarah In Style

It’s extremely hard for me to narrow down my favorites in LA, but I did my best for you. Here are 7 of my top recommendations for fun and food. I know 7 is an odd number, but they are the ones I think you’ll enjoy most. My pics below each show proof of their fabulousness!

1. Koi West Hollywood – The best meals I have ever (ever, ever, ever) eaten have been at Koi. The Koi Crispy Rice is a must…it’s to die for. For real! And the filet, oh my goodness.

Koi; Sarah In Style; Los Angeles

2. Best Western Sunset Plaza – This hotel is in a prime location and has one of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen. I saw the hotel on an episode of Project Runway quite a while back, and decided I had to stay there. It was worth it! This picture is from the lobby, but my room opened right onto the pool and it was like my own little oasis.

Best Western Sunset Plaza; Sarah In Style

3. Frida Tacos – If you like fish tacos and guacamole, this needs to be number one on your list of places to go. Yummy!

Fridas Tacos; Sarah In Style

4. Backlot Tours – I have done them all and they’re all fun. Great peek into the world of your favorite movies and TV shows. My recommendations would be either Warner Bros. or Universal Studios. Warner Bros. lets you get up close and personal with sets, props and sound stages, and they tailor their tour for your individual group. So if you love a certain show or movie they will do their best to bring it to you. Universal Studios is great because not only do you see the backlot, you get to enjoy the whole theme park. They really know how to bring movies to life!

Sarah In Style

5. The Grove – It’s basically a mall that feels nothing like a mall. It’s outdoors and gorgeous. They have a farmers market, wonderful stores, terrific bars and restaurants and a movie theater. I love all the little kiosks with unique finds! Plus, you are bound to spot a celeb here, so if you are star hunting, it’s a good stop to make.

The Grove; Sarah In Style

6. Griffith Park – Hiking seems to be all the rage right now, especially in LA. It really is a great workout, and hiking through Griffith Park is not just good for a sweat session, but also for some of the best views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign. Parking is easier here than Runyon Canyon, (another popular hiking location), which is a bonus.

Griffith Park; Sarah In Style

7. The Beverly Hills Hotel – Otherwise known as a pink glamour palace. This place screams old Hollywood, and is one of my all time favorite spots. They have a great pool bar and having a drink here really does take you back to a different era.

The Beverly Hills Hotel; Sarah In Style

I hope you have a chance to try one of these, if not more, and that they make you as happy as they do me!

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style

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