2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Bookworm

It’s as if I blinked and it was December. Two things I know for sure: 1. Time flies when you are having fun. 2. Time passes more quickly the older you get. Luckily this month, the “holiday” month, offers a lot of opportunity to think about why we should slow down and really enjoy that precious time. It also offers a lot of opportunity to shop for those you love. (And maybe a little for yourself too!) So, the next two weeks on Sarah In Style, I’m going to save you some time and give you inspiration you might need for your holiday shopping. Two weeks of gift guides are headed your way! (If you don’t want to miss any, make sure you sign up to follow the blog in the sidebar. Over there to your right. –>) Up first, gifts for the bookworm in your life.

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  1. Why LA, Pourquoi Paris by Diane RaticanThis would make a great addition to any coffee table! It’s a whimsical comparison of landmark places and spaces in both Los Angeles and Paris. Whether your bookworm has been and wants to reminisce on a trip, is planning an upcoming trip, or just wants a fun read, this is a great pick.
  2. My Name is Mahtob by Mahtob MoodyThis true story will not only touch the heart of your bookworm, but it will open their eyes to the world around us. It’s a moving story told from the authors point of view about her kidnapping, as you might call it, by her own father. She tells of her and her mother’s escape and of her life since. Wonderful read about a very strong and courageous woman.
  3. Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses from SpektrumIf your bookworm prefers reading from a device instead of paper, these glasses will be a life saver for them. Not only are they a cute accessory for a reader, they tremendously help with protecting our eyes from the harmful blue light we get from all our devices. They have no prescription, just lenses to protect your eyes. So whether your bookworm is actually reading a book or just browsing a social app, these are a must.  I love mine and wear them regularly. They really do work and help sooth tired eyes.
  4. Nook GlowLight 3 from Barnes & NobleWhile this bookworm (that would be me) prefers to read an actual paper book, yours may not. So, they should have a Nook! My mom and sister read from their e-readers constantly, and love how simple, and lightweight it is to carry around multiple books at any given time. The Nook GlowLight 3 features a night mode, as well as color temperature settings that mimic the natural progression of the sun, allowing for easy ready any time of day.
  5. The Storyteller by Jodi PicoultIf your bookworm is not averse to tears and wants a true page turner, this is it. While the story, primarily about the Holocaust is quite tragic, it is beautifully written and intertwines many characters together. Your reader won’t want to put it down as they try to find out who the storyteller is. You may want to gift some Kleenex with this one too!
  6. Unique Eats & Eaters  Chicago by Matt KirouacWhether your bookworm happens to be a Chicagoan or a foodie, this is a good book for them. It tells about unique restaurants across the city. It’s helpful as it describes foods that might not be on your typical menu, and tells you about the neighborhood the eatery is in.
  7. Hammerhead Book Light from LevengerEvery bookworm needs a good book light. It’s helpful for those late night readers or for travelers, or anywhere you just need some extra light. What I like about this one is the fact the light is wide, instead of a small stream you have to wiggle the book around to make sure hits the part of the page you are on. To make it shine even brighter, it’s a great price too.

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer

10 thoughts on “2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Bookworm

  1. I love your gift ideas. Matob Moody and her mother live in the Carson City Area here in Michigan. I have read already “ Not Without My Daughter “ , written by her Mother, which is a great book. I will have to check out th book you have recommended. Great Blog!


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