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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Girl On The Go

Two weeks of gift guides has gone by so quickly! Hopefully you have found something along the way for the people in your life. Today, we talk about the girl on the go. You all know one, the girl who is constantly busy, heading from one place to the next with a packed schedule. These girls need things to help make a busy day easier, organized, stylish and when they can, more refreshing.

Don’t forget to shop for the bookworm, homebody, beauty babe and fashionista’s in your life as well!


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  1. Kate Spade Portable Charger   Your girl on the go is probably on her phone constantly for one thing or another. Maybe it’s checking email, taking pictures or making phone calls. Either way, a girl on the go with a dead battery is not a happy girl. This portable charger is not only cute, but can restore life to a phone or iPad, and is small and easy to tote around.
  2. Stage Coach Luggage by Rockland   What girl on the go doesn’t want cute luggage. Not sure it gets much better than a pink stage coach design. Your girl on the go will look sleek and sophisticated walking through any airport with this piece. Plus, the 360 degree spinning wheels make it easy to transport.
  3. Face Masks from 7th Heaven   Remember the refreshing item I mentioned above? Well, the easiest way for a girl on the go to refresh and relax is to pamper themselves a little. Traveling masks make this super easy to accomplish. 7th Heaven makes a mask for just about any need -from dry skin to dead skin, your girl on the go can restore in minutes.
  4. Jetsetter Backpack by Henri Bendel   Whether your girl is on the go or not, this backpack would be a nice addition to her collection. Not only is it sleek, but it is multi-functional. Carry it as a backpack for practicality or as a satchel for a more classic look. For the girl on the go it gives them two bags in one, and will help them stay organized.
  5. Sunnies from Nectar & Maui Jim   A girl on the go has to look fashionable right! Your girl is bound to see the sunshine somewhere along the way so why not have them looking good while doing so. With Nectar, not only will they look good, but when purchase sunglasses you will be supporting a good cause. (Check them out for more info. Hint: they are the bees knees.) With Maui Jim you know your girl on the go has her eyes in the best “hands.” Their shades are safe (ultimate UV protection) for all eyes and are incredibly high quality, making the world around you that much better!
  6. Inflatable Neck Pillow from Magellan   I have this pillow and it is a lifesaver for my travels! I use it on every single flight I take, and sometimes for car rides too. The fact that it is comfortable is a bonus, but the best part is the size. Deflated, it fits nicely into a small travel pouch, so your girl on the go won’t have to walk through the airport with a large pillow hanging from their neck or bag.
  7. Portable Safe from SAFEGO   This safe is useful for all sorts of girls on the go. Going to the pool, great, lock belongings to a lounge chair. Going to a hotel, great, lock belongings to a desk. It’s an ideal travel size and can help ensure your girl on the go feels safe and secure every step of the way.

Happy shopping!

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer

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