2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Beauty Babe

Today’s gift guide is for the beauty babe in your life. You know, the girl who loves primping and pampering herself. You beauty babe is likely obsessed with make-up, skin care or health products, or maybe all of the above! These things, while they might seem small, will be great additions to your beauty babes bag of tricks. Perfect for gifts under the tree or stocking stuffers. And, while you’re in the spirit of gift giving, don’t forget to shop for your bookworm and homebody as well!

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  1. Pop White   With the power of purple, the toothpaste and rinse from Pop White is the first line of oral care made for color correcting. That’s right, color correcting! The purple in the products (primer and toner) helps cancel out the yellow in teeth, without any harsh peroxide, normally used in whitening supplies. Simply replace Pop White with your regular paste and mouthwash, and bam, whiter teeth are headed your beauty babes way.
  2. Infallible Lip Color from Loreal   If your beauty babe likes lip color, this is a complete must for their beauty bag. I am not joking when I tell you this lip color stays on through everything. You can drink, eat and even sleep in these fabulous shades and they won’t budge a bit. A couple tricks…mix colors to make your own look and make sure you let the color set (not sticky at all) before you apply the “top coat,” as this makes it super smooth and clump free.
  3. Crystal Body Deodorant Rock   It’s a real crystal stone, used for deodorant, and it works. Weird right?! Well, if you have read the ingredients in regular deodorant you would know that it probably shouldn’t be used on your beauty babes body. This all natural alternative not only looks cool sitting in your bathroom, but it’s healthy and will prevent all odor. I know it sounds so hippie of me, but I promise it works wonders.
  4. Copacabana Illuminator from NARS   Most beauty babes have makeup skills that far surpass mine, such as contouring (not a clue how to do this), but one trick I have learned is illuminating (aka highlighting). You want to higlight certain parts of your face to make them appear, well you guessed it, illuminated! Your beauty babe will likely know to add highlighter underneath the arc of the brow and in the Cupid’s bow. My favorite highlighter is Copacabana. The color is subtle and works well with my skin tone, and the tube lasts such a long time. (A little goes a long way.)
  5. Nail Polish by Sinful Colors   Beauty babes are almost always willing to push the limits with the standard of beauty. Nails are a perfect, and simple way to do this. No commitments needed, other than the time it takes to polish. Sinful Colors makes polish for every beauty babes needs and wants. The perfect way to add pops of color to nails, while making sure they are anything but boring! Sinful Colors is always coming up with fun new lines of polish, such as their current “Shine on Baby” and “Decked Out,” that any beauty babe would be excited to try out.
  6. Clearly Coconut Oil from Belli Skincare   Unless you and your beauty babe have been living in a box, you have heard all the hype about coconut oil. It has countless health and beauty benefits, and is really great for your skin. Well the hype is all true! I have tried it in many forms and do find it does a body good. But, normally it is so messy having to use it from the jar. Belli has resolved that issue with their coconut oil spray. It’s perfect for people of all ages, is preservative free and will make your beauty babes skin glow.
  7. Sara Happ Lip Treatments   Whether your beauty babe is going to be doing a lot of kissing under the mistletoe, or just happens to need a reprieve from what winter weather can do to damage lips, Sara Happ can help. Her line of “lip-savers,” as I call them, are incredible! I use them all the time and am so happy with how soft they make my lips, and how nicely they allow my lipstick to glide on.  The scrub, which is made especially for lips, is gentle yet completely exfoliates. Next, there is a clay mask, which detoxifies and hydrates all at once. And lastly, the slip, which plumps, heals and hydrates like no other. Seriously, the slip stays on through a shower and through an entire nights sleep. Your beauty babe will be kissing you with thanks!

Signed with Style,

Sarah In Style,, Sarah Meyer

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